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CAC : Specialklub Udstiling        08.02.2020 

Organizer : Dansk Terrier Klub 

Event Venue : Kolding 

Country : (DK) Dänemark 

Judge Show : Mr. C. De Guinea, (E) Spanien 

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Jugendklasse -


V1 -

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Minor class

Minor class

VP1 BIK Sodemarken's Zumba *14.10.2019

Sire: Sodemarken's Pinocchio

Dam: Bonnie Ann's Eliza

VP2 Arnitlund's Sanna Montata *20.09.2019

Sire: Perfect Winner Vertragus

Dam: Arnitlund's Selma Montata

Puppy class

Puppy class

VP1 BIK Weltstar's Haja *25.05.2019

Sire: Kni's Antonius

Dam: Weltstar's Ellie

Junior class

Exc.1 JCAC CK 3.BHK Pride N Precious Icon *23.01.2019

Sire: Pride N Precious Be My Vendetta

Dam: Mechta Nataly Zampanzar

Exc.2 Bonnie Ann's Geronimo *10.02.2019

Sire: Casanova Devil In Disguise

Dam: Bonnie Ann's Elektra

Junior class

Exc.1 JCAC CK 4.BTK Diva *20.08.2018

Sire: Arnitlund's Ludwig Chlodevig

Dam: And This Is Me Brenda Vom Schmuttertal

Exc.2 RJCAC CK Snedronningen's What A Girl *08.05.2017

Sire: Born To Rule Superbia

Dam: Snedronningen's Macy Gray

Exc.3 Sodemarken's Xanthippe *05.03.2019

Sire: Fonsskov's Baldur

Dam: Bonnie Ann's Eliza

Exc.4 White Cichos Askepot *24.01.2019

Sire: White Label Kicky Kato

Dam: Olympia

Intermediate class

Exc.1 CK 4.BHK Snedronningen's Wicked Ways *31.05.2018

Sire: Born To Rule Superbia

Dam: Snedronningen's Macy Gray

Intermediate class

Exc.1 RCAC CK 2.BTK Cilvisund's Caol Ila

Sire: Born To Rule Superbia

Dam: Pocahontas Vom Steinburger Land

Exc.2 CK 3.BTK White Snowshoes Royal Diamond *13.04.2018

Sire: The Dashing Devil's You Could Be Mine

Dam: White Snowshoes Super Star

Open class


Exc.1 CAC CK 1.BHK Mechta Nataly Prominent *08.02.2018

Sire: White Villan King Of Hearts

Dam: Not Of This World Superbia

Exc.2 RCAC CK 2.BHK Dragon Fredy Adoxa *20.01.2018

Sire: Fredy Adoxa

Dam: Axa Cornus Adoxa

Open class


Exc.1 CAC CK 1.BTK Smash Danish Diva *19.11.2017

Sire: Soya's Mans

Dam: Divine And Smash Devil In Disguise

Exc.2 Bonnie Ann's Fantasia *08.02.2018

Sire: Pasco Vom Steinburger Land

Dam: Bonnie Ann's Elektra

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