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: Crufts 2018        09.03.2018 

Organizer : The Kennel Club 

Event Venue : Birmingham, England 

Country : (UK) United Kingdom 

Judge Show : Ms. Tracy Gaydon, (UK) United Kingdom 

Post Graduate class 1st Update's Down Under Vom Nopper-Hof

Post Graduate class 1st Update's Down Under Vom Nopper-Hof



Veteran class

1st Lamsmore Fitzwritin *29.03.2007

Sire: Krisma Streetwise

Dam: Lamsmore Miss Brodie

2nd Hopecharm Prince Harry *07.01.2011

Sire: Lamsmore Fitzwritin

Dam: Vogrie Lizzie Bryce By Hopecharm

3rd Llovall A King Of Hearts *30.11.2010

Sire: Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr

Dam: Krisma Roll The Dice For Llovall

Res The Dashing Devil's Street Fighter *04.02.2009

Sire: Krisma Streetwise

Dam: The Dashing Devil's Snapshot

VHC Something Special Superbia Lynnsto *25.09.2010

Sire: Un Pour Moi Du Moulin De Mac Gregor

Dam: Avra Superbia

Veteran class

1st Who's Rock The Boat *15.10.2008

Sire: A Tes Souhaits Du Moulin De Mac Gregor

Dam: Who's Divine Breath

2nd White Bandits' Belle Bijou *30.03.2009

Sire: Lionel Ricky Of White Lions

Dam: Kimberley Sunshine Of White Lions

Bre.a.Own.: Gabi & Jessica Maul

3rd Faymar Fine Romance *19.09.2009

Sire: Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr

Dam: Davot Chase The Lady For Faymar

Res Lindenka Kaylah At Sanjoc

Sire: Lindenka Delta

Dam: Lindenka Toffee Pudding

VHC Carbon Copy De Willycott *11.10.2007

Sire: Armadale's Ready To Go To France

Dam: Singing On The Moon De Willycott

Minor class

Minor class

Puppy class

1st Inverglen Master Mariner *04.04.2017

Sire: Hopecharm Prince Harry

Dam: Frisbeck Flower Girl By Inverglen

2nd Brorastar Urban Spaceman

Sire: Hopecharm Star Ship Trouper

Dam: Brorastar Love Me Do

3rd Comdale For Your Eyes Only

Puppy class

Junior class

Junior class

Title of day : Reserve Bitch Callenge Certificate

1st The Dashing Devil's Lollypop *10.12.2016

Sire: Bellevue Town Dj

Dam: The Dashing Devil's To Hot To Handle

2nd Bettyhill's Simply The Best Davina *15.12.2016

Sire: Charosmack Cold Play

Dam: Bettyhill's Godsend Zoe

3rd Duskhunter Diamond Lil *10.12.2016

Sire: Brychdyn Diamond Geezer

Dam: Matheron For'n Affair With Duskhunter

Res Ashgate Naughty But Nice *14.01.2017

Sire: Karamynd Play The Game

Dam: Fernlair Shadow Of Doubt

VHC Newvoldemort Lollypop *12.10.2016

Sire: Newvoldemort Al Capone

Dam: Le Icona De Styles De La Fonema at Newvoldemort

Yearling class

1st Violent Warrior Vertragus *10.05.2016

Sire: Karamynd Play The Game

Dam: Queenie Pai Vertragus

2nd Bogarhazi New Fashion *17.07.2016

Sire: Bocans Blade

Dam: Queen Of May Heart Bogarhazi

3rd Karamynd Star Player With Ashgate

Res Muffin Man Du Moulin De Mac Gregor *27.03.2016

Sire: I'm Mr. Fete Du Moulin De Mac Gregor

Dam: Hey Diddle Diddle Du Moulin De Mac Gregor

VHC Torres Trentino Santo *29.09.2016

Sire: White Miracle Of Switzerland Living Legend

Dam: Stella Trentino Santo

Yearling class

Post Graduate class

Post Graduate class

Limit class

Title of day : Reserve Dog Challange Certificate

1st Bellevue Thunder Bolt *27.10.2015

Sire: Bocans Bolt To Bellevue

Dam: Gilbri Town Gossip

2nd Lindenka I'm Dexter

3rd Update's Down Under Vom Nopper-Hof *29.05.2016

Sire: The Dashing Devil's Touch Down

Dam: Leonie Of Little White Shadow

Bre.a.Own.: Ulrike & Anna Lena Wrzosek

Res Pryorvale Summer Knight

VHC Fernsunrise Fairplay To Ashgate

Limit class

1st Bellevue Gossip Catcher

2nd Lynnsto Evelyn All *14.02.2016

Sire: Lynnsto Judgement Day

Dam: Lynnsto Issa Star

3rd Meme Pas Peur Du Clos Des Galinettes *12.07.2016

Sire: Little Bad Boy Du Vallon Des Aures

Dam: Lollipop Sunshine Celebration

Res Lindenka Apple Krumble

VHC Leyhey Luck Be A Lady

Open class


Title of day : Dog Challange Certificate

1st White Villan King Of Hearts *01.03.2014

Sire: White Villan Warrior

Dam: Everybody Look At Me Agidor

2nd Piter Westie Zippy Star Boy *18.05.2011

Sire: Werweise's Olympic Gold

Dam: Ovacia Yuhe Iz Baltiyskoy Peny

3rd Atom De La'Pomme *01.08.2015

Sire: Zackshine High And Mighty

Dam: Kiara Sunshine Celebration

Res Skyhigh's Go Again Here We

VHC Newvoldemort Al Capone

VHC Newvoldemort Al Capone

Open class

Good citizen class

Good citizen class

Post Graduate class 1st Update's Down Under Vom Nopper-Hof

Post Graduate class 1st Update's Down Under Vom Nopper-Hof

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