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CAC : Baltic Terrier Show        29.04.2023 

Organizer : OG Ostseeland

Event Venue : Kröpelin, Hundehäger Weg, DVG Hundesportplatz 

Country : (D) Deutschland 

Judge Show : Mr. Vesa Lehtonen, (FIN) Finnland 

White Snowshoes Peppermint

Offene Klasse -


White Snowshoes Peppermint



Puppy class

VP1 Clarence Vom Schloß Schwülper *12.10.2022

Sire: Mitch Vom Schloß Schwülper

Dam: Lindsey Vom Schloß Schwülper

Puppy class

Junior class

Junior class

Title of day : Bester Junghund

Exc.1 JCAC JVDH Lucky Star's Klein Fenja *30.06.2022

Sire: Lucky Star's Ivanhoe

Dam: Lucky Star's Grace Kelly

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH Primadonna Von Tinsdal *10.07.2022

Sire: White Headline's Walter

Dam: Sparkling Spirit Vertragus

Own.: Meta Fischbeck

VG3 Flying Westies My First Choice *10.04.2022

Sire: Keen Expression Connor McLeod

Dam: Flying Westies Diamond Daisy

Bre.a.Own.: Claudia Winkelkötter

VG4 Nele Vom Schloß Schwülper *29.06.2022

Sire: Nemo Vom Schloß Schwülper

Dam: Kylie Vom Schloß Schwülper

Intermediate class

VG1 Pepperpot White Flame *03.10.2021

Sire: Posh Purpose

Dam: Flora Magica White Flame

Intermediate class

Champion class


Exc.1 CAC VDH Premium Version Harley Irsimos *18.08.2017

Sire: Marc Antoine De La Fonema

Dam: Fire Bird Irsimos

Champion class

Open class

VG1 White Harmony's James Bond II *30.03.2020

Sire: Bellevue Trouble Maker

Dam: Lullaby Von Tinsdal

Bre.a.Own.: Meta Fischbeck

Open class


Exc.1 CAC VDH Spice Girl Of Magical Land *30.04.2021

Sire: Premium Version Harley Irsimos

Dam: Josefine Of Magical Land

Exc.2 RCAC RVDH White Snowshoes Peppermint *21.01.2021

Sire: Pride N Precious Icon

Dam: White Snowshoes Royal Diamond

Exc.3 Butterfly's Or' Flaith From The House Of Chikung *30.03.2021

Sire: Coco's Kelvin From The House Of Chikung

Dam: Caitlin's Butterfly From The House Of Chikung

Exc.4 Flying Westies Lucy Diamond *13.03.2021

Sire: Right Now Sunshine Celebration

Dam: True Avadore Sunshine Celebration

Bre.a.Own.: Claudia Winkelkötter

VG Skyfall Vom Deipen Brook *01.11.2019

Sire: Royal Gigolo Vom Deipen Brook

Dam: May I Kiss You Vom Deipen Brook

Own.: Meta Fischbeck

Pepperpot White Flame

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Pepperpot White Flame

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